Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So we got lots of snow last night and today. Ramsey finally got me convinced to let her go outside, so with lots of layering I sent her out in the snow. She was having a blast!! I soon decided that it wouldn't be quite the same if I didn't have a picture of Paisley out in the snow too. So back to the bundling for her. She didn't quite get why she had to have so many clothes on. Soon enough we were all ready for the snow. Our escipade didn't last as long as it took to get dressed, but they enjoyed it all the same. They are so cute!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kids Games

So my girls are playing hide-and-seek with their favorite cousin Brandon, and it is so cute to watch and listen to how kids play. It's Ramsey's turn to count and this is how she counts....
"five-teen, fourteen, ready here I come!!!"
Meanwhile, there's me, "Ramsey you have to start at 1"
"ok mom, one, five-teen, fourteen, here I come!!!"
And Brandon is so good he counts to 10 each time and searches all while holding Paisley so she can play too. And when their found it becomes an inclusive game of tag to see who gets to count next, even if Brandon has to do it twice in a row. I know my girls sure do love their cousin Brandon, and I am so thank ful for him and all the time and energy he has for my kids.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our new baby!!

Friday we went as a family a to the long awaited and anticipated ultrasound appointment. Baby is growing well and is right on schedule for Valentines Day!! We are so excited. We were given a CD with the scan on it, however, its in a wierd format that I can't watch on the computer. (A little frusterating) So as soon as Bill figures it out, I will post the video for you all to see.

Lately I've been having fun creating some food storage. Bill and I got a great deal on peaches, and have been bottling them along with my favorite, stewed tomatoes!!! I'm on the hunt for a fruit juicer/steamer set to borrow and its off to make apple and pear juice, and sauce. We've been having so much fun and staying up way too late. I can't wait to start using it all.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Paisley!!

We celebrated a birthday in our house right before I left to go to my moms. Paisley turned one!! I can't believe it, the time has just flown by! She has been walking for about 3 1/2 months, and is now starting to talk to us. Her favorite words are;
mama (for both Bill and myself),
meow (for cats, dogs, horses, ect.)
and were working on thank you, but it sounds more like dink-do.

She also has a few favorite things that she likes to do;
climb everything!!
drop things just to say uh-oh (food included)
push doll strollers all over the house
pull books off the shelf
climb in and out of the powerwheel
drink from a cup w/ no lid
play with Ramsey
play in the water with no fear!

It has been such a joy to expirence this wonderful age again, I can't wait for all the mile-stones ahead of us.
Happy 1st Birthday Pais-ers!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a much needed update!

Ok, so obviously I can't do more than one thing at a time, facebook, blog, kids, ect....... So as I was playing aroung on the computer today I thought that today would be as good as a time as ever to announce that Bill and I are expecting in February!!!! I have been so sick this pregnancy I could die!!! Two trips to the hospital for IV fluids and one overnight stay with as much anti- nausea as allowed I was finially able to keep down food!!! Hurray!! That night I had the best hospital turkey sandwich in my life!!
The girls are excited, I am wondering what I just signed up for, again, and Bill calls to make sure I've taken my meds, and had something to eat. It's crazy here, but there you have it. A much needed update about us!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I cut my hair yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it!! I finally feel like I am complete. I am working on a Terra transformation. As I'm sure all of you mothers can appreciate, our bodies change, and change and change with babies. Our job is to do the best with what were left with. and while its taken me a while to feel comfortable with what I've been given, this sounds shallow, but my hair is completing the look and helping to encompass all of me into Terra. And the old Terra that I've been hiding all this time.
Next stop shopping for new clothes!!!! Watch out!
Well we finally had summer weather, however short it sticks around, but it got upto over 80' out so I let the kids jump in the trampoline with the sprinkler. They were ofcourse too busy to sit for a good picture, but they had fun and that's all that really matters.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ready for SUMMER!!!!!

We are so ready for summer and for good weather!! Danna came down today and we played outside for most of the day!!!! The kids colored with sidewalk chalk and jumped their hearts out on the tramp. It was so fun not having to break up countless toy fights and just let the kids have fun. Danna and I both commented on how nice it will be this summer and all the activities we will be able to go and do together. I can't wait!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter was so fun this year, I wanted to make the girls their dresses, but my life has been so hectic these last few weeks with Ramsey's broken leg. Its been like having two infants instead of one. I found these really cute dresses and got matching bows too. They just turned out so super cute. I love, love, love having two girls so close in age and to dress them alike..... ooh its so much fun (I know I'm silly)!! We colored eggs the day before and I got their baskets all filled and as soon as we got home from church I hid all the eggs and baskets and had the girls look for them. I told Bill to remind me next year to just do 6 eggs. It took for ever for Ramsey to find them all. Paisley on the other hand couldn't care less about what was going on. She just sat and ate grass. After all the eggs were collected, I went in to prepare dinner. I had my Dad, Danna and her family, and Kate (minus the b.f. Cody). We had a wonderful dinner, I just love my family. I can't wait for our monthly dinners!!

Danna and Dad blowing bubbles! What a beautiful perfect day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tribute or Tradition?

Back in the day when I was young I recall being at a Doctors office looking through a magazine. I tore out a page that looked like fun and asked my Dad if he would help me make a 'Green Dinner' for St. Patrick's Day. He did and it was so much fun. We often recollect the moment, and I thought that maybe, just maybe my little Ramsey was old enough to appreciate a little fun and mix up in the normal day to day routine, so I made, once again a 'Green Dinner' for my family today. We ate Pesto, asparagus, kiwi fruit, green jello, and lime-aide. Ramsey was at first hesatant, but loved it in the end. I had so much fun making a big deal out of today. Having kids changes the way I do things, they bring out the fun in me once again.